The Assisted Living Business Accelerator

Utilize a single family home to produce the highest ROI in the market through senior housing and care.

This certified home training course, “The Residential Assisted Living Business Accelerator”, reveals how you can convert a residential home built for assisted living, also how to turn that home into a successful business and income stream for life!

Instead of the come-and-go nature of fix-and-flip or the unpredictability of buy-and-hold, your business serves high-quality, low-impact residents whose most pressing need is finding appropriate housing.

Course Includes

  • Find the best real estate locations for the best opportunities in RAL in your area
  • Determine if your current property is a good fit for a RAL
  • Attract the highest paying clients/residents
  • Select properties that will be suitable for a RAL
  • Attract the right investors and partners for RAL success
  • Find the right team to make your life easier and your business more successful
  • In addition to the step-by-step training process that has been developed over five years by Gene, you will also gain access to shared knowledge. Get your questions answered by Gene , as well as review the Q&A from other students.

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