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4 Homes 2 Freedom is the gateway to turning your single family home into the financial freedom you desire.

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There are multiple paths to get financial freedom with real estate, and with the 4 Homes 2 Freedom opportunity, we’ll show you the details of each option and help you discover which one is right for you.

The best part? You don’t have to be an experienced business owner, current investor, or real estate expert.

With the right tools and education, anyone can turn a single family home into cash flow, upwards of $10,000 or more of monthly income.

Where to Invest

Looking for the right investment opportunity but don’t know where to start? 4 Homes 2 Freedom will show you the way.

Get the Foundations and Narrow in Your Niche

With the right tools and education, anyone can turn a single family home into cash flow, upwards of $10,000 or more of monthly income.



Real Estate 101 and Why You Need to Get Started Today!

Never purchased a piece of real estate but ready to start cash flowing and get yourself some assets? RE101 by Lou Brown is the place to start, learn how to begin your career in real estate investing with this basic starter course on your first steps to your new future! So many have gained their riches in real estate, why not you too?! Begin today!

Vacation Rentals

Learn How to Start or Scale Your Airbnb Business Using OTHER People's Properties

Meilani is a leader in the vacation industry, she shows entrepreneurs across the world how to invest in themselves, by giving themselves the gift of freedom – financially and personally – through investing in AirBnB vacation rentals. She has cracked the code on balancing work and life and wants to share with you how you can too!

Senior Housing

How to Generate $10k a Month Through Residential Assisted Living for Seniors!

Senior housing

Learn step-by-step how to capitalize on this remarkable opportunity. You will learn how to generate mega-cash flow, how to get twice the fair market rent with long-term, low-impact tenants and how to get a secure ROI.

Shared Housing

No More Homeless by 2050 - Shared Housing is the Answer!

Frank & Sherri are here to break down your preconceived notions on how to provide affordable housing and feel good about it through group homes! They have a passion for the industry and focus their efforts entirely on working to give everyone in the US a safe place to live and a family environment where they can feel at home, in short they give solutions for people in need. This course will give you an introduction to their program and a step down the path to being your own business owner through group home options which range from Golden Girls model to Sober Living.

Student Housing

Student Housing is the BEST & Most FUN Option for Real Estate in 2020!

Student housing

Dixie is the Queen of Student Housing! She will teach you how to identify the right areas to invest in student housing, how to have simple follow up systems & how to hire the right staff members for a strong team! Don’t miss your chance to learn how To Find the Perfect Seller & Properties Around Campus! Learn from the Queen today!

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